Yes , blind people Dream too

dream world

Blind people can dream too,  though their dreams can be somewhat different from those of sighted people.

It was believed before that blind people didn’t dream visually. It can be termed in other words that they didn’t “see” in their dreams if they’d lost their sight before a certain age.

What do they see in dreams?

Sleeping man

On 1999 A study looked at the dreams of 15 blind adults over a period of 2 months– a total of 372 dreams. The researchers found a lot of things common about dreams between sighted and blind person, with few exceptions:-

  • Blind people have fewer dreams about their personal success or failure.
  • Some see animals in dreams.
  • While Some blind people had seen dreams about food or eating.

The blind people who participated in study dreamt about travel or moment-related misfortune about twice as sighted people do.

During sleep, one type of electrical oscillation in the brain called PGO waves (Ponto-Genialate-Occipital) are thought to activate the visual cortex and serve as a visual dream generator during REM sleep.

dream world

Few people who were blind since birth and thus had no visual memories at all, were studied about their dreams.

And, the researchers said,

When a blind man is asked if he dreams the answer is immediate. ‘Yes’! But if we ask him  if he sees anything in the dream, the answer is always doubtful because he does not know what it is to see. Even if there were images and colors in his brain during the dream, how could he recognize them? There is therefore, no direct way, through the dream reports, to evaluate the presence of visual activation in the dream of Congenitally blind subjects“- Bértolo, Mestre, Barrio & Antona, 2017.

colors in the brain

The research was interesting and there were many questions about the dreams seen by blind people.

Research still goes on and more answers are on the way. Blind people and sighted people are same and have their dream world too. Inspite of pure darkness , they too have a colorful world in their imagination.

Team ITVI wants to spreads a message in the society  that inspite of  the world being dark for blind people, yet they have a ray of light in their dreams.

Pooja Singh


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