Unexpected Fields of Work for the Extraordinary

We were asked by a few people on our last career-guidance blog, if medical and engineering too is a feasible option for them. Well, the answer to this is a bit more complex and it is dependent on a lot of factors.

The short answer to this question is, “YES!” but there’s a lot more to it. It depends on the category of vision-loss and the skill set required for a particular job in the medical or engineering field to know if a visually-impaired person is eligible to pursue it or not. Medical or engineering fields are quite difficult as they involve more practical than theoretical matters. So the engineering field, like mechanical or civil engineering might not be a good choice for a person with complete vision loss. Similarly, no matter how good the student is, a completely blind person cannot be appointed as a surgeon. We are not saying this to discourage or hurt anyone, but only as matter of fact because these particular kinds of occupation need precision and intricacy to the maximum level, otherwise people can get harmed severely.

But this does not mean that they are prohibited from every occupation of engineering or medical field. One can choose to become a software engineer and in this, despite their vision-loss they can work wonders. Even big companies like amazon hire such visually-impaired people who are extremely good at what they do.Supreme Court allowed colour-blind people to be granted admission in the medical schools, who had a very good rank in NEET exams, after properly examining them for their category of vision-loss. Even the government keeps providing employment opportunities in these fields to the differently-abled people who are exceptionally good in their field.

It is true, visually-impaired people can work just like the so-called “normal” people but another truth is that they have to face much more heightened problems while working on the same thing because of their different needs or requirements. If a visually-impaired really wants to pursue a career in medicine or engineering there is no harm in that, in most cases they are legally eligible to do so.  But they should be made aware of the quality and quantity of work they will have to do, the educational requirements for that specific job, how much strain it could bring to their personal lives, how much estimated time will it take to get to the apex of that field and many more such queries. Thiskind of information should be provided to them right from the beginning, that is, from their school-life. They should have enough knowledge to weigh the pros and cons before deciding their career.

Ultimately if the student is determined to take the job, keeping in mind the challenges to be faced, then they are good to go. Let them chose their career according to themselves, but to help them make a wise decision, provide proper guidance through professional counsellors. If they have firmly decided, help them strategize and encourage them to be strong enough to face every hurdle that are/will come in the way.

Team ITVI addresses this concern in a multi-dimensional way. In our society, medical and engineering fields are given overrated attention and a majority of parents want their kids to become a ‘Doctor’ or an ‘Engineer’ but the world is changing, there are a lot more opportunities availablenow. Help the student inchoosing a career of interest, in that way, they would love the job they do in future and would willingly put their maximum effort to get to the top. Expose them to various opportunities and let them choose for themselves.

At last, even if as student you choose a career which seems difficult, just remember what we always say, “Everything is achievable with the right amount of hard-work and determination.”

Saumya Rani ( Team -ITVI )

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