Top 5 Essential Resume-building Skills for 2020

In this era of web-based jobs and work from home, some of the skills are becoming very important in order to do any internship or even a job. Today, we are providing a list of most popular resume-building courses or skills, one should learn to kick-start their career. Take a look and choose according to your interest and passion:

  • Data Analysis

This course is for the people who are good in handling large amount of data, numerical or text-based. Major organisations need data analysis of their company, on a daily basis, in order to understand the statistics of growth or profit and to effectively manage losses. Various data- analysis courses are provided on offline as well as online mediums. These courses take less time and are easy to learn, for a person who likes playing with numbers or data. From the resume point of view, this skill is very useful and can easily provide you jobs or internships. It also has another upside; it can be done (even on a professional basis) entirely as ‘work from home’. It can never go out-of-trend because, there is always the need of data analysis by an organisation from time-to-time.

  • Web Development

With the increasing popularity of internet, hunger for information and spread of online business opportunities, the market and scope of web-development is also increasing manifolds everyday. According to a report, thousands of websites are created everyday on the World Wide Web, and a ‘Web developer’ helps in creating and managing those websites. These courses too are less time-taking and easy, but they need basic technical knowledge of various scripts and programming languages. Some advantages of these courses are: online as well as offline learning availability, can be freelanced or professionally-done from the comfort of ‘work from home’, a perfect resume-enhancer in the world of networking and websites. Web development is a rising industry in this age of technological and digital-revolution, one can easily get good jobs/internships with good paygrade in this market.

  • Content Writing

A lot of people like to write as a hobby or for their passion, but getting published in a book or journal is not very easy. The simplest way of showing your writings to the world, these days, is by content writing, be it for blogs or copywriting or something else. Usually, content writing does not require any professional courses but in case, you need some expert guidance in the field of writing, there a hundreds of courses available for it online/offline. Content writing too is a ‘work from home’ centric job and it is completely based on your hold of linguistics and strong writing skills. A good ‘content writer, is always in demand, by numerous organisations in order to effectively communicate their aim and strategy to the target audience. For this, you don’t need any professional degree but only a good grasp on language-ethics and grammar. In addition to all this, if you know how to reflect emotions, trends and information in an interesting and rhetoric way, then “voila!”, you have all the skills required in this field.

  • Graphic Designing

Now this job is for the artist, present inside you! It needs creativity and a little bit of technical knowledge about the software required for designing. There are thousands of online and offline courses available for graphic designing, in various platforms like canva, adobe etc. A ‘Graphic designer’ has to create logos, images, posters, banners etc. for any organisation and it can be done through freelancing or full-time jobs, also available in ‘work from home’ formats. If you are an artist, you think creatively and have a passion to play with exquisite designs and colours, this can be the perfect job for you. Most of the graphic designing courses are simple and only focus on how to use the medium of designing, while the creativity has to come from within you. Graphic designing is currently one the most sought-after jobs, and also offers great paygrade for people with established credentials and right amount of creativity.

  • Digital Marketing

In today’s time digital marketing of a product is the biggest necessary evil for any business to flourish. Digital marketing includes, endorsement through various social media platforms as well as on major websites via google ads etc. Any organisation needs a good Digital marketing team to make an impact on their audience by approaching them through various trending channels, in which social networking sites like, Instagram, twitter, Facebook, YouTube are on the top. Digital marketing courses are easily available online/offline and it makes a great resume-builder skill, as it can provide internships and jobs very easily. In today’s web-based world, digital marketing is the ‘supreme form of endorsement’, that’s why it offers good pay-scale and it can be done part-time/fulltime as a ‘work from home’ initiative too.

Online platforms like ‘udemy’, ‘coursera’, ‘skillshare’ etc. provide all these courses online for a nominal fee, but these platforms do not provide specialised learning courses for the visually-impaired. We, at InfoTech for Visually Impaired provide regular online classes, on various subjects and professional skills, on our website. Our courses are specially created for the vision-impaired, they arrange for live sessions with experienced teachers in the most convenient way possible. That’s why, we proudly say, “We are working to make the world a better place for the visually impaired” as a result of ‘Illuminating the world by spreading knowledge’.

Team ITVI wants you to use the quarantine time for something productive, learning a new skill or completing a course to enhance your resume are one of the best ways of productivity and it can further prove very useful for your career ahead.

Stay safe and keep supporting ITVI!

By-Saumya Rani

(Team ITVI)

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