Top 5 Educational Books For Your Reading list

Today we are presenting a list of our Top 5 educational picks which belong to different genres and formats. From fictional literature to non- fiction books; scientific facts or historical events; even a world-famous, self-help guide, we have them all in our list below. So give them a read and expand the barriers of your knowledge.


This is an extraordinary novel of its time, written by Virginia Woolf in the year 1928. It had the genre of feminism with a strong plot and powerful women characters. This novel was based around the time period when women got voting rights in Britain, which happened after a severe struggle and Woolf too was an active member of those campaigns, which is often reflected in her writings. In the plot, Woolf tried to prove the thesis that a woman needs money and ‘a room of her own’ if she is to write a fiction. And to provide substance to her statement, she described some of her life incidents which not only concerned her, butalso described the condition of the whole womankind of that time period or probably even their current condition, in some instances.


This book is an excellent work of Postcolonial Latin American literature, which is basically written in the genre of educational philosophy by Paulo Freire in the year 1967-68, when he was exiled from his native country. Freire’s approach critiques the rise of authoritarianism and right wing policies in Latin America at that time. This novel explores the themes of ‘Freedom and Oppression’, dehumanisation of a particular section of society and education as the most important weapon of liberation for the oppressed. Freire also draws heavily on the theories of Karl Marx, especially the concept of ‘dialectics’ in this book. The book ends with its famous quote, “To exist, humanly is to name the world, to change it.”


This New York Times best-seller was written by the well know scientist, Stephen Hawking. A Brief History of Time discusses the development and history of cosmology from Ancient Greece to the 1980’s. So if you ever wonder how this universe was formed or where is it headed, then this book has all the answers. In this book, Hawking discusses some of the major scientific breakthroughs in the history of mankind, in a marvellously interesting and understandable way. He discusses the theories of Aristotle, Copernicus, Newton to Maxwell, Einstein and Heisenberg. He also expressed a need to unravel the ‘Unifying theory’ which is being constantly worked-upon by some of the greatest minds, in order to answer humankind’s biggest question, “where do we come from?”. Because he felt the real aim is to understand our own existence and indeed, why anything exists.


Before anything just let us tell you the name of its first chapter: “What Do school teachers and sumo-wrestlers have in common?”, interesting enough, right? So, Freakonomics is a book by Steven Levitt, it is an economical/ sociological non-fiction discussing amazing aspects of the world, which seem completely unrelated but are factually related and based on systematically collected data, like ‘legalised abortion and its relation to lowered crime rates’. There are 6 chapters in this book and each chapter explores a social issue from its economic perspective. All this seems quite academic but the tone and sly humour used in the book, makes it one of the most interesting books ever written in this genre. This book was also made into a documentary and has a follow-up edition too, called- ‘Superfreakonomics’.


This is one of the most selling self-help guides, written by Dale Carnegie. This not only describes aspects of human psychology but also guides you how to dominate those aspects into getting exactly what you want. Sounds amazing, right? This books tells you about communication techniques, crowd work, leadership ideas and basically tells you the fundamental techniques of handling people with your conversational skills and gestures. It has sold about 30 million copies worldwide and was ranked 19th on Times Magazine’s List of 100 Most Influential Books. So you can imagine this is actually ‘the ultimate guide of coexisting happily with other homo-sapiens’.

So conclusively, Team ITVI wants you to read and stay ahead of your herd! Use this quarantine time to gain some knowledge along with the fun! Lastly, “Stay home, stay safe!”.

Saumya Rani (Team ITVI)

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