Tips To Get A Job For The Visually-Impaired

Getting a job is always difficult, especially in this economy and with so much competition in every field. For a visually impaired, getting a job becomes even more difficult, because some of the jobs require sighted people, while there is too much crowd and competition in other suitable fields. Today, we are giving some tips on how to get a job, if you are a visually impaired. This blog has essential information to build your career, so go on and give it a read.


Do some research about the jobs available to the visually impaired, try to learn about its scope, money and feasibility. We have also provided a list of jobs suitable for the vision impaired in two of our previous blogs, give it a read.


There are many employment agencies available in the market to help people in finding the right job. You can also take benefit of any of these services, in order to find a job of your choice. Employment companies have a very large reach in the market that’s why it ensures better employment opportunities to its consumers.


Get in contact with the foundations and organisations working for the welfare of blind or visually impaired. They can give you job in their own organisation or at least provide you further information or contacts of the employers, willing to hire a visually impaired employee, based on his/her skills.


Self-employment, entrepreneurship , start-ups are in the business trend, these days. If you have enough potential, with the skills and some amount of capital money, then you can start your own business and get self-employed.


Learn new technical/professional skills, understand what you are capable of, use your abilities to overcome your disability. In an Interview or while preparing a job application, be sure to mention all your skills which over-power your disabilities.


Even if you have skills, lack of confidence can prove disastrous for your career. Motivate yourself, boost your self-esteem and be confident. You can do this! If not in the first try, then in the next. Your knowledge and skills will pay you.


It’s okay if you don’t get the job due to less skills or experience, you can work on that later, but if you feel you were not given job due to your disability, then you can file for legal action for Discrimination against the disabled, as your last resort.

Team ITVI wants you to remember, you can overcome all your difficulties with hard work, determination and persistence. Even if you have some ailment in one of your sense organs, you have four others which you can use to achieve your goal. Never lose your spirit due to your disability, over-power your disability with your knowledge and skills.

Stay safe and keep supporting ITVI!

By-Saumya Rani

(Team ITVI)

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