Tiny-steps for A Visually-Impaired To Get Independent

The one thing all of us want as we grow up is to get independent and get work done by ourselves, without taking too much help from parents, friends or anyone else. This seems fairly achievable for the sighted people but can visually-impaired too become independent? The answer is yes, but the path to becoming independent for a visually impaired is full of challenges. Today we are discussing a few most important things, a visually-impaired should master in order to become self-dependent.

  • Master The Skill of Mobility

Mobility is the biggest challenge for a visually-impaired. Getting from one place to another without a proper vision is very tricky, but it’s not impossible. With a good amount of practice and guide for mobility instructions, one can master moving from one place to another, even with poor vision or no vision at all. Such mobility instructors are available in most of the Blind Schools or organisations working for the welfare of visually-impaired. Even though people are usually ready to help a visually-impaired person, it is good to rely on your own senses, in case you don’t get required help. You can also take help of a walking cane or a guide-pet dog for better mobility, if it suits you.

  • Get Suitable Apps and Technology

Specialized help software, apps and various technological appliances are available in the market these days. If you are living in the 21st century, then feel free to incorporate the wonders of technological revolution to ease your life. There are apps like Be My Eyes which provide specific guidance through volunteers to the visually-impaired to carry out tasks from reading a label to making a technical search on a tailored software. Keep researching about such products in the market, most of these products are usually sold at low prices or provided free of cost, keeping in mind the social cause related to it.

  • Apply for a Job that Matches your Skills and Comfort

It might feel like differently-abled do not have much job opportunities but it is not true. With proper skills and knowledge, a visually-impaired too can get a good job with a nice pay grade. In fact, in some fields government provides reservations to differently-abled too, that’s why getting a job in such fields are possible for the vision-impaired too. Just a few things should be kept in mind, the job should be comfortable, easily accessible and should match your skills. If all these qualities are checked, then you can definitely get the perfect job to earn your livelihood.

  •  Handling Monetary Transactions

Monetary transactions to a bank or while shopping should be made through online medium, as much as possible, especially if the transaction has a large amount. Online transactions have records, you will not be robbed or cheated in the process and you can easily read all the instructions or amount through text to speech option on your device. Though online payments and transactions are better for handling money, you still have to beware of cyber-crimes and frauds by sticking to a reputed organisation for transactions, in bank or shopping. Stay away from shady websites, keep a record of your transactions and check it weekly, in that way your chances of losing money in a transaction get decreased.

  • Keeping It Simple and Labelled

Keep your day-to-day life simple and follow a regular routine. In that way you can get habitual to everything and make less mistakes by gaining more practice and experience every day. Another great habit is to put labels on everything so that you can easily get what you want by reading the label. There are a lot of labels available in the market which can be written in braille or can even be recorded as audio recording. So get the labels, to get to the level mate!

Team ITVI decided to write about a few widespread ideas of getting things done, with vision impairment. We believe, the real requirement to get independence is ‘determination’. In the process, you will make mistakes but those mistakes will give you more and more experience each time. We promise, just in a short period of time, with enough practice and expertise you will be able to conquer the world without much assistance! Till then, work hard and keep trying new things.

Stay safe and keep supporting ITVI!

By-Saumya Rani

(Team ITVI)

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