The Sky is the Limit

We often get asked by curious individuals what career opportunities can people who are visual impaired possibly avail to ? Today’s technology, has become so advanced and tech savvy , using different adaptations, it allows people with vision loss to do just about any job you can think of. The following list, although not exhaustive, is meant to give a general idea of the different careers and jobs done by people who are blind or visually impaired.

Teachers, college professors and guidance counselors

Social workers and psychologists

Doctors, nurses and occupational and physical therapists

Masseuses and chiropractors

Rehabilitation teachers and counselors

Customer service representatives

Restaurant and store workers

Factory workers

Freelance writers, journalists and TV and radio broadcasters

DJ’s and musicians

Attorneys, judges and politicians

Executive directors and managers

Coaches and athletes

Authors and motivational speakers



Researchers, engineers and scientists

Artists and photographers

There is a common misconception regarding the limitations of visually impaired people . It is often thought that their options are very limited , but just like people well equipped with sight , visually impaired people have different fields of interest and skillset . Screen-reading Braile, magnifying softwares caters to their above mentioned needs.

Team ITVI wants you to have never give up on your interests and skills . It wants you to explore your skills irrespective of your limitations especially during this Quarantine.

By Fiona Catherine Jerry ( Team ITVI )

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