The Real To-do List for the Quarantine

We know everyone’s schedule has faced a colossal mess in this quarantine and everyone is trying to just somehow get back in track and sort their routines. Today, we are presenting you an idea of what your To-do list should actually look like during this quarantine.


 Yeah relaxing when the whole world is on fire does not sounds right, but for now what we really need is to do is ‘just calm down’. It is not safe to go outside, then why not just use this time for relaxing and recreating. Come on, you have earned it, you can relax after so many years of constant work routine. Use this time to rest, not just physically but also mentally.


This pandemic has made us realise about the mortality of human life and how we can lose someone we love if the things escalate, so why not just dive right into it and spend as much time as you want with your family, if they are not with you then reach out to them through a video-call. Just talk, play games or use any other medium because, this time will never come back and once everything gets back to normal, you might not have enough time to do any of these things.


In the rat-race of life, most of us have left behind our once-cherished hobbies in order to get ahead in professional, academic or domestic front. This quarantine has given us some spare time, do not just waste it whining about the lockdown or being upset for the things you cannot do in this time, just focus on the things you can do. Awaken your inner artist, write poetry, draw something, make something artistic. Just use your mind and let the creative juices flow.


Everyone needs some emotional support in this time and it is good to show them how much you care for them by messaging or calling. By the word “people”, we just don’t mean your current friends or family members but also some of your old friends, long lost relatives and other people you usually forget to call. Just check up on them as a kind gesture.


Do the things, which make you happy, invest some time in improving your physical and mental wellbeing. Try to sort out your priorities or the complex problems of your life and give your body some time to regenerate by meditating or exercising or whatever way feels right to you. Just focus on yourself and detox in every way possible.And don’t forget to stay safe and maintain health and hygiene, that’s the most important thing right now!

Team ITVI prepared this blog specially to remind you to begin/continue your ‘self-development regime’. This is a very difficult time and we understand if you are not able to do the things we mentioned above, you are not compelled to use this time of quarantine to change yourself, but even tiny steps towards these self-development goals can help you achieve ‘peace of mind’, something which we all lost due to the mental pressure this quarantine brought on us. So just give these tips a try and sense the progress by yourself.

Saumya Rani (Team ITVI)

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