Srikanth Bolla ; a man who challenged fate

“With so much desire I wanted you, and the whole world helped me in getting you” – a famous bollywood dialogue from ‘ Om Shanti Om ‘ . It emphasizes that if you work hard to achieve your goal , then others will also help you to get close to your dream . This line does not hold its worth when we think of Srikanth Bolla. When he was born, neighbours in the village suggested his father to let him die because life of blind child is worthless. But his parents paid no heed to their useless suggestions. After two decades Srikanth Bolla turned out to be a boon as his innovative ideas changed lives of many disabled by providing them livelihood. He is the CEO of Hyderabad based Bollant Industries an organisation that employs uneducated and differently abled people to manufacture eco- friendly products.

Who is Srikanth Bolla?

Srikanth Bolla is an Indian industrialist and founder of Bollant Industries, who was blind by birth. Due to his disability he had to face many problems during his childhood days. At school he was forced to sit on the last bench and was never included to participate in sports. Yet, this does not stopped Srikanth, from achieving whatever he wanted to achieve and he completed his 10th standard with a very good percentage. When everything was going good, then a new hurdle was set in front of him by school administration. They denied him from opting science in class 11th . Srikanth filed a case and, after a six month wait, the school administration agreed to let him pursue science at his own risk. Srikanth topped his class 12th, securing 98% .

Then next challenge he confronted, when he decided to pursue Engineering as his career and was denied admit by the top IIT institutes of India. This rejection affected him a lot, but opened new gates of opportunity. He went to Massachusetts institute of technology and become the school’s first international blind student. After graduating from MIT, Srikanth decided to do something about the inequality faced by differently in our country. So he gave up his corporate job in America, came back to India and started a NGO called ‘ Samanvai’ for children with multiple disability in 2011 where he provided educational, vocational, financial and rehabilitation services so that they can lead a better life. In 2012, Bolla started Bollant Industries, which manufactured eco friendly products and provided employment to uneducated and differently abled people. Bollant Industries showed remarkable success since its inception. In April 2014, Bolla marked his presence in Forbes magazine in its list 30 under 30 across all of Asia. He received many awards such as Youth Excellence Award by the Telugu Fine Arts society of New Jersey, Entrepreneur of the year at NDTV , Indian of the year Award 2015, Emerging leadership Award by ECLIF Malaysia – 2016 and many more awards are there in his name. But his real award, still remains blessings and good wishes he receives from other’s.

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By Somya Kashyap

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  1. It’s really an inspiring & motivational story which taught us that we can overcome our hurdles & live an equal life like others do.

  2. It’s really incredible to come across such inspiring real stories and real heroes who flourish against all unfavourable circumstances. It’s amazing story!! 👍👍

    1. It’s really a inspirational story as he never fed up from hurdles he confronted every situation in his life and become a man of his own by fulfilling his desires.

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