Social Media Detox

After air, water, soil and noise ; social media is what we humans have polluted to a great extent.

Social media platforms on one hand are scaling great heights in all spheres and on the other, it has become a joke for people who intend to misuse it. Cyber bullying, online sexual harassment, obscenity, online rape threats, reverse pornography, fake news, you name it, you have it right there, all very prominent.

Nobody is safe in this world, where people are very confident about what they do behind their screens. And the worst part is that they are right among us, clawing their way into our lives, putting on a mask of deception otherwise.

People usually fail to understand the seriousness of this matter. Just the other day, we came across a story in which a sixteen year old, who was mentally disturbed, put up an online poll asking whether she should kill herself. The outcome was really disturbing, people actually said yes in majority and she committed suicide the next day.

Let this incident just sink in for a moment. We might doubt the authenticity of this news but even if we do consider it to be true, is it that easy to give up on life? Just by putting up a poll on a social media platform? And what impact does this news have on people who are genuinely fighting depression and suicidal tendencies, every single day. Young kids taking such drastic steps over what? Failed career, broken relationships, cyber bullying, harassment and what not.

One more issue that really needs to be addressed is when the bleak line of private and personal posts is crossed. People have made social media their lives. People post minor to major private details without hesitation or filters. The mystery factor about a person has become a long lost art. It is terrifying to know, every second person who is on social media pretends to be like an open book.

The team of ITVI urges you all, it’s high¬† time we open our eyes and take a detox from social media too, if required. We advise you to question the authenticity of everything that is posted online and to break the negativity around us. We must remember, not to make social media our life, let it just be a small and insignificant part of it.

By – Fiona Catherine Jerry

(team ITVI)

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