Sadhan Gupta: stalwart of law and left politics

“Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will”.

A famous quote by Mahatma Gandhi , whenever I think of this line, then one person comes to my mind i.e. Sadhan Gupta .

Sadhan Chandra Gupta was a great politician and lawyer by mind; social worker and singer by heart. He was born on 7 November 1917 in Dhaka on the eve of October Revolution, the day when the Provisional Government of Alexander Kerensky was overthrown by the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia . So right from his birth he was connected to the communist movement. Sadhan’s father, Jogesh Chandra Gupta was a renowned barrister and eminent Congress leader, so right from childhood Sadhan decided to fallow the path which his father designed from him .

He suffered from small pox during his childhood, which made him permanently  blind. Sadhan attended school at Calcutta Blind school. He was one of the best student in school. He completed his graduation from Presidency college. During his college life ,he gave active support to leftist movement. In 1939, he joined communist Party of India and in 1964 he was elected from Kalighat in West Bengal Assembly. He earned his Bachelor degree of law from Calcutta University. He became famous when he took up the case of the Emperor Vs Shibnath Banerjee before India’s Independence. This case caught the attention of Mahatma Gandhi and he praised Sadhan for remarkable legal acumen. Throughout his legal career, he stood for the cause of subalterns.

Sadhan Gupta was a famous lawyer and Independent India’s first visually impaired person to be elected as an MP.

He was founder and President of the National Federation of the blind, where he worked for the upliftment of blind people. He was also an amazing singer and loved to sing folk songs, ganasangeet and Rabindrasangeet. After leading a successful life of 98 years he departed to heaven on 19 September 2015.

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By Somya Kashyap


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  1. The post is inspirational, based on a case study.
    “Life of great men all remind us, we can make our life sublime.”

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