Music: An Escape from Reality

“Musical training is a more potent instrument than any other, because rhythm and harmony find their way into the inward places of the soul, on which they mightily fasten, imparting grace, and making the soul of him who is rightly educated graceful, or of him who is ill-educated ungraceful.”


Music is a integral part of our lives. We can’t imagine our lives without music because right from birth we are surrounded with music. Our mother sing lullabies so that we could go to sleep. Music in simple words is a pleasant sound produced together by harmony of instruments and singing voices. In the morning we hear chirping of birds, rustling of leaves swishing sound of waves and sweet sound of breeze all this is music, created by nature. We love hear these sounds as they fill our mind  with positive energy. Music is an instant mood lifter as it touches soul and heals our minds.

 It is a well known fact that people who can’t see properly have better listening skills. They have special power of perceiving world through their ears. Music becomes guide for visually impaired people to enjoy beautifulness of world. By learning music, blind people can expand the horizons of perception, find their vocation and boost their confidence and self-esteem.

Sometimes it gets difficult for blind people to perform normal task of daily life which makes them frustrated, here music comes into action. It soothes their mind and helps in overcoming stress due to frustration. Moreover music helps them to socialize and make new friends. This happens when they participate in stage performance, shows and competition. By participating in competition blind people will overcome stage fear, shyness, stiffness, and self doubt.

Team ITVI requests you to stay and listen to music which soothes your mind.

By Somya Kashyap


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