Leisure Activities for Visually Impaired

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”.

All of us are familiar with this phrase. It highlights the need to take part in leisure activities, which is mandatory for overall progress of an individual. “ Leisure” a word which means “free time”,  but in contemporary era life is becoming extremely engrossed. Modern Scientific Researchers had revealed that as life becoming more organized, leisure is becoming  an extinct activity, which completely deteriorates physiological and psychological health.

Leisure activities becomes more important for visually impaired people as it fills them with new vigor and energy. Leisure gives blind people sufficient time for rest, recreation and develops spiritual and intellectual wellbeing. Here in this blog we are presenting five activities which will refresh the brain of virtually impaired and will satisfy their urge for creativity :-

  • Go for a movie

Movies are a great source of entertainment. Watching inspirational movie will boost morale and confidence of Visually Impaired people. Nowadays many popular movies have audio described versions available for Visually Impaired audience

  • Art and craft

Art and craft is a great way to get amusement, provide both mental and physical stimulation. Many artists have devised simple and creative way to teach art and craft activities to Visually Impaired people.

  • Dance and Drama

Dance and drama are a great way of expressing yourself, meeting new friends and increasing your self confidence. Visually Impaired people can benefit from involvement in dance and drama as it  improves their movement and coordination. There are many platforms which provides specialized training of dance and drama to Visually Impaired people.

  • Listening to the music

It is said that music touches our heart and soul. Even Visually Impaired people enjoy listening to music as they have better listening skills than sighted people.

  • Gardening

Gardening provides blind people the opportunity to connect with nature, relax and grow food.

Team ITVI wants you to take few minutes of rest from your busy schedule and have fun.

By-Somya Kashyap

( Team ITVI)

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