One man’s comfort is another’s discomfort . Difficult to understand? For all those who think absolute equality is achievable, it’s time we burst that bubble sooner than later . What we actually should work for is equity. We don’t expect a fish to walk or a bird to swim, then why do we  expect every human to thrive in equal and similar opportunities when resources are not equally distributed.

Certain exceptions cannot distract us from an undeniable fact that only talent is not enough to survive this world’s rat race especially for everyone. Very often to uplift certain sections of our society special care or measures are taken, might seem unjust to the rest but what if we say, those measures provides a safety net to these people, which is also a great incentive to thrive. Again let’s not get distracted by exceptions. The bigger pictures the atrocities still continue to destroy a lot of lives and the sad reality is it will continue to, as long as the social structure governs our society. It’s a simple logic : monopoly of power. Just like a human being is never threatened by dogs in terms of disposition of power similarly oppression only strikes in places when power is threatened and measures like Reservation has conveniently managed to do the same, hence one of reasons for the aforementioned atrocities .

We demand flexible curriculum but cannot appreciate diversity ? Our country actually houses conflicts of cultures for example – one culture is totally against beef consumption whereas the other favours beef consumption . So in this situation equality will tend to create havoc and Chaos. This is where Equity comes in. Equality may increase the productivity of our country , it might also satisfy the people who are under the impression that all kinds of atrocities have stopped.

Team of ITVI encourages you all to understand we are no lab rats, our society is going to react in a certain manner to certain event sometimes civil sometimes beyond humane. Our society is not black or white but definitely Grey. But it is frustrating to see how vulnerable we as a society can turn out to be , ready to slaughter each other with the slightest of outburst . Absolute equality is a far fetched mirage. And is Equity our potential savior.

By- Fiona Catherine Jerry

  Team IVTI

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