Discrimination Against The Disabled

Discrimination has always been a burning issue, since the history of humankind. Perhaps it’s because we, as humans are generally afraid of what is different from us and we tend to act defensively while confronting it, even when it’s not needed. It’s just a psychological act, that human mind becomes alert and defensive while coming across something unknown, unexplainable or just different from what we consider ‘normal’. Here, we will discuss discrimination against the ‘Differently-abled’ in a brief manner.

Some examples of situations where differently-abled are discriminated in day-to-day life are:

  • Educational Courses

Even the basic, ‘Right to Education’ sometimes fail the differently-abled, because some technical or professional courses are prohibited for some groups of disabled, with respect to the disability and skillset required for the course.

  • Employment opportunities

Getting a job for a person with disabilities is very difficult, even though there are various quotas available to them,still getting a permanent job, especially at a private firm is full of hardship.

  • Social circle

Getting involved in a social live or making friends with other people too is tough for Differently-abled, usually because people like to hang out with others who are similar to them and because catering the needs and requirements of differently-abled is not easy.

  • Professional career

Many times, the skills and experience of a differently-abled is taken for granted in the professional field because people trust the so-called ‘normal’ people with their work instead of giving a chance to the handicapped.

  • Sports and games

Presence of differently-abled participants in some fields of sports and games are usually frowned upon, mainly in case of physically-straining sports.

Laws for Visually Impaired

There are many steps taken, in order to eliminate these discriminations such as quota system to empower the disabled, Para-Olympics to prove handicapped can bag medals too but the most important thing to remove discrimination against disabled is for all of us to become tolerant, sensitive and empathetic, it’s the least we can do as human beings. If not for the sake of morality, then we can at least do it for the sake of law, as, ‘The Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act’ has been in place in India since 2016. The new law protects disabled persons in India from various forms of discrimination, ensures their access to equal employment opportunities, and enhances their societal participation.

This law can be easily, read on Government of India’s official portal:


According to this law, there are six main types of disability discrimination:

  1. Direct Discrimination
  2. Indirect Discrimination
  3. Failure to Make Reasonable Adjustments
  4. Discrimination Arising from Disability
  5. Harassment
  6. Victimisation

The most effective way of eradicating such discrimination is by spreading awareness and education among both, the differently-abled and the so-called ‘normal’ people. As Louis Braille once said, “Access to communication in the widest sense is access to knowledge, and that is vitally important for us if we [the blind] are not to go on being despised or patronized by condescending sighted people. We do not need pity, nor do we need to be reminded we are vulnerable. We must be treated as equals – and communication is the way this can be brought about.”

We, at team ITVI also believe in using education as the best weapon to illuminate the world with knowledge. That’s why, we provide online classes in various subjects and professional courses, to our visually-impaired companions, in order to help them achieve all their dreams. This is our contribution in making world a better place, what is yours?

Think about all this and take a step, take a step ‘today’, even if it’s a small step, it will eventually become massive, for the greater good of the society.

Do good and stay safe!

By – Saumya Rani

(Team ITVI)

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