Financial Literacy with Live sessions , connect with mentor , certificate of completion , letter of recommendation , internship opportunities .

Opportunities :

After the completion of your course here you could get chance to do freelancing, become financial advisor, manage portfolio and ensure yourself with a secure career.


Through this course, Financial Literacy , you will get to know the latest various trading facilities and live trading sessions to help you implement it in your life on your own which will act as a big step for you towards self dependency . You will be able to invest your money on various trading platforms with proper analysis and idea .  We focus on your learning and growth and provide easy and understandable classes according to your comfort . 

Course Details :

Price :

Duration : 3 months

What you will learn :

Fundamentals of – Cryptocurrency & Forex trading

Self Management of – National and International Portfolio 

Basics of – Mutual Funds

Stock Market Trading 

Live Trading sessions