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On many occasions we must have seen companies putting up job offers seeking for copy writers . And then again, others are looking for content writers. It’s both about writing, so what’s so different between the two ?  Both copy writing and content writing are important for businesses.

Are you wondering what the difference between copywriting and content writing is?

Maybe you have seen job offers where companies are looking for copywriters. And then again, others are looking for content writers. It’s both about writing, so why isn’t it the same?

Or maybe you are running a business and wonder who you should hire? Which one is better?

Both copywriting and content writing are important for your business. For a successful campaign, companies need both.

So, what’s the deal?

At their core, copywriting and content writing have different purposes. But in reality, they often merge into each other – the difference between copywriting and content writing is a fine line. Both are great to help a business to get more revenue. Both are great ways to earn income as a writer. The way they are written can be quite similar.

Copy writing is about persuading the reader


Content writing is about offering value

What Is Copywriting?

Copy writing is the skill to persuade others through your written words. It’s a more strategic way of writing where every sentence is there for a reason. You lead the reader through your copy and persuade them to take action. That action can be to buy something, to opt-in their email or to click on a link. For good copywriting, you need to know the emotional triggers that persuade people. You have to know the audience, the product, and the offer and present it so people want to buy it. You have to understand what makes them read on and how to build up the need to act.

What is content writing ?

Content writing has a different purpose than copywriting. It can be persuasive too, but that’s not the main goal. The target of content writing is to add value to the reader.

You present them with valuable information and their trust in your business grows. So the main goal of content writing is to inform and educate, sometimes to entertain. For example : A financial advisor, could run a blog where he gives valuable advice on how to save taxes. He or she positions themselves as experts and the readers will trust them more and more. Now, the reader might need financial advice. They will hire the financial advisor they already know and trust.

So in conclusion content is for relationship building and copy is for making a sale. They are not opposites, they work well together. That’s why the two aren’t actually that far from each other.Copywriting and content writing are great because they’re predictable. You can do it from home, anywhere in the world.

The team of ITVI encourages young youth to explore new Avenues , and several young startup companies to venture copyright and content writing internships and job placements to increase the face value of such companies and start ups .

By-Fiona Catherine Jerry


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