Challenges and Opportunities for Visually Impaired

Challenges faced by Visually Impaired

The major sensory organ of a person is their eyes. One glimpse around us is enough to make us realize about the lusciousness of life. But imagine what will happen when your eyes doesn’t have sight. So here in this blog, we will discuss four main problems faced by visually impaired people.

  • Difficulty in finding job

Hiring visually impaired individual is considered a liability for a company. This has a negative impact on their confidence and emotional well-being of the visually impaired, while it totally cripples their economic independence.

  • Social challenges

Blindness causes significant social challenges because there are activities in which blind people can’t easily participate which adversely affect self esteem and limits their ability to socialize.

  • Leisure

Visually impaired have very limited options for their leisure. According to the World Blind Union, “more than 90% of all published material is not accessible to the blind or partially sighted”. In the era of internet we all surf for fun, is not fully accessible either, since numerous websites does not curate content for the blind.

  • Overly helpful individuals

 It’s very common for sighted individuals to help a visually impaired person. Very frequently, this behaviour holds the assumption that the blind requires assistance, but this does not reflect reality. So it is advisable to ask the person whether he/she needs help or not.

Technologies and opportunities

Visually impaired people need to face the problems with right attitude. Attitude will allow them to meet challenges and let them transform into opportunities. So here are four amazing modern technologies which is helping visually impaired people to lead a better life.

  • Assisted Vision Smart Glasses

A pair of glasses that can enable someone who has got very little sight to allow them to walk around unfamiliar places. They are constructed using transparent OLED displays, two small cameras, a gyroscope, a compass, a GPS unit and a headphone.

  • Braille e-book Reader

 A tactile digital reader device for blind. It employs thermo-hydraulic micro-actuation to activate Braille dots by infrared laser radiation via a micro-mirror scanning system.

  • OrCam

A unique wearable device which consists of a tiny, yet powerful 8mp smart camera that is clipped onto glasses and it is connected to a very small computer, that assists the visually impaired in reading text.

  • Eye cane

A pair of sensory substitution device provides visual information from sound and touch to help people with vision impairment to “see” their environment.

Team ITVI wants you to have sympathetic approach towards differently abled people. Use this quarantine time to help others in need.

-By Somya Kashyap ( Team ITVI )

5 thoughts on “Challenges and Opportunities for Visually Impaired”

  1. Satyam Pandey

    Taking blindness as opportunity is like to fighting for life not for pleasures. But for not giving up

  2. Satyam Pandey

    Taking blindness as opportunity is like to fighting for life not for pleasures. But for not giving up

  3. It is an immensely informative content that shows excessive sensitivity to blinds. Undeniably productive.
    Good luck and keep going

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