Box of Chocolates

Should we be the huge oak tree,  that stands strong and rigid,  bearing all adversities only to be broken down into half with time.  Or the beautiful seaweed,  fragile yet smart with versatile agility to bend with time to survive.

What is more important to a person beyond all ties – mental health or career?  If we chose mental health over Career,  are we weak?  Or is the society  too rigid to understand, without a sound mental health,  there wont be a career at all,  let alone a flourishing one. No matter how small a struggle might seem to the world,  it is not  okay to belittle and disrespect it.  Every small battle fought needs great validation and acceptance.  There is a reason why people shut down from the rest of the world,  when things go wrong.  Having a smaller circle doesn’t make you weak.  Shutting down from time to time for personal growth again doesn’t make you a weak person. It is okay,  to not be okay.  The world cannot a la la Land all the time.

But is life a journey or a destination?  Are we living it,  or rushing through it?  Many people have treaded tthe road not taken,   Seen way more lows than ups.  Willingly experimented with life and fallen into grave trouble a numourous times. Who is going to judge that ?  A society that cannot live up to its own constitutional duties and rights.  Or a bunch of normal people who followed the expectation ladder the right way,  but are frustrated to the core with the monotony of life,  and by the time they reach their 60’s they realize,  they wanted something different from life.

When life is like a box of chocolates,  with no instruction manual.  How can you only eat dark chocolate,  because a particular person liked it so,  in a particular manner or time. 

Team IVTI encourages you to be different , at your pace.  It is okay to take your time to figure out what you exactly want from life . It’s okay to take the road not taken, usually . On a serious note,  what will you choose to  be.  An oak tree or a seaweed? .

By-Fiona Catherine Jerry

     Team IVTI

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  1. Yes… One should life his life with freedom. It will be very sad if in old age one realises that he wasted all his years in those things which he never wanted to do with interest.

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