A Guide to Spiritual and Emotional Development

“To become the master of the world first you need to master yourself!”

It seems that dejection, stress, anxiety and depression have become ‘the new normal’ in these advanced times. No matter in which field you are working, every now and then you are served with the battles that you need to fight in order to win the war of life. Nevertheless, many often tend to forget that this mind is the battlefield and the real battle to be fought is within oneself. Just like a warrior always keeps preparing himself for the next battle in spite of the failure or the success in the previous one, you also need to constantly hone your skills to make a better version of your own self every day. Development of self is rather a holistic approach to grow slowly but steadily, making your own way to elevate up to the ‘higher self’. As Greg Anderson said, “The concept of total wellness recognizes that our every thought, word, and behavior affects our greater health and well-being. And we, in turn, are affected not only emotionally but also physically and spiritually.”

It is more about Self-introspection, boosting confidence, inner strength and making efforts to improve your lifestyle and persona. This will help you to pacify the turbulence in your mind and will increase your competence. This will take you towards your goals while maintaining the peace of your mind at the same time. Unfortunately, in this web-era when you are bombarded with information from every direction, it is likely that you might not find the authentic and suitable source which can help you in the quest of your self actualization, as a consequence you are left all messed up and utterly  bewildered. But, now time has come to fly off, away from all your worries and brace yourself to sail through the beautiful course of life with Info-Tech for Visually Impaired​, a platform forVisually impaired who are passionate for learning new things. We are an Ed-tech Start-up sharing knowledge with Visually impaired learners through Skype voice and video classes. Providing regular classes of Maths, Computers, Personality Development to Visually Impaired Learners and help them to grow in this advanced world is our main motto. We are here to help our visually impaired students to achieve everything. We want to make  this world a better place for our visually impaired companions as a whole with this initiative.

We are the ardent believers of Lao Tzu sayings-

“Knowing others is intelligence,

      Knowing yourself is true wisdom.

     Mastering others is strength,

     Mastering yourself is true power.”

Our team has worked with all its mettle in brightening the darker roads of our mates. Join with us and make memories that you will cherish life long. Come on, a journey of discovery of your own spiritual and emotional self awaits you at ITVI.

Shradhha Jain ( Team ITVI )

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